Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Documentary Photography

We finally got some snow this week! That was the big story. And not just SOME snow. A LOT of snow. But before we get there, a few photos of the week before snow.

Lila bought herself a new Belle dress with money from her piggy bank. She loves it. And then she was a turd so it got put on probation for a few days.

Having some time to myself before the kids wake is my favorite.

We had a tiny dusting of snow early in the week. That was exciting enough.

Having fun at home.

Pretty light.

Lazy Bones Jones.

We still haven't taken down the outside Christmas decorations. 

Because potty time should always be a party!

Tea party.

Watching the snow fall on Saturday morning.

New York City during the snowstorm. I had to work at Kinky Boots that day. I trekked into the city and a half hour after arriving at the theater, all the Broadway shows were cancelled (the MTA decided to shut down the subway at all the above ground trains) so I headed home again.

The light the day after a snowstorm is my favorite.

Lila had fun playing outside in the over 2 feet of snow while Logan napped.

And that was our week!

School is cancelled today while they clean up all the snow so it will be another cozy day of movies. Happy Monday everyone!