19 Months Old!

Well, your language is just exploding - you are saying Mom, Dad, Nana, Pops, Lila ("Yaya"), you know the alphabet (in order!) and can count to 10! You love singing along with songs on the TV, especially "Let it Go" and the "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" theme song. New words this month: potty, snow, oh no!, yes, purple, cereal bar, muffin, waffle, truck, bubbles, please, fall down and so many more. You've been going to physical therapy, which has been sort of a disaster, so we're calling it quits and hoping you grow out of your limp. You love jumping on the couch, throwing things, coloring and building with blocks. Your sleep is moderately improving and you are still nursing at least 6 times a day. You had your well check last week and you are 75th percentile for height and 7th percentile for weight. Skinny Bones Jones! 

I love you, sweet nugget!