Friday Round-up

Has everyone recovered from the snowstorm last weekend? Pretty crazy, right? It is nice to finally have some of that white stuff on the ground though. The winter was seeming very strange without it. Lila and her classmates have been sledding everyday at school, which is just the coolest. I didn't get to do fun stuff like that when I was in nursery school!

Okay, onto your Friday reads!

The lost rolls of Ron Haviv.

Okay, well Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell just won the internet.

This Capture Lens thingy is interesting.

Ooh fun! Potato stamping!

You are a wonderful mother.

I'm obsessed with Tim Coulson's photography. I just think he is so so good.

Wanting to make this lemon olive oil cake. Sounds like the perfect winter coffee break snack.

15 cult beauty products worth the hype. I love these kinds of posts!

A photojournalist looks back on the Challenger disaster.

A tutorial on making double exposures in Photoshop. Very cool.

Oooh - banana pudding!!

This is a great tutorial - just goes to show the power of post-processing!

100 lessons from the masters of street photography - free download!

Another fun technique to try - prisming!

Rock of Ages lives on!

* * *

Have a great weekend!

Lila & friends at school on Tuesday