Friday Round-up

Another Friday! Wrapping up the first week back to the regular routines of school, etc. and it feels good to be back in the groove.

Here are your reads this week!

I'm taking an on-camera flash class currently, and Nikon just announced this beauty! Being able to activate a flash from a different room? So cool.

Anyone else jumping on the New Year's weight loss wagon? Haha - I joined Weight Watchers again, although keeping track of all my food is not very easy for me. I'm keeping my eye out for good recipes - liking the look of these chicken taco stuffed peppers.

20 of the top wedding photos of 2015. This are awesome.

12 girlfriend getaways you need to book right now. Oh, this sounds so good.

A feature on another of my favorite photographers, Sarah Wilkerson. I love her use of light.

How to be a more mindful parent. A goal of mine this year.

Kodak is bringing back the Super 8!

We can't carry it all. As someone who is always trying to do it all, I needed to read this.

Baz Luhrmann and New York City? I am super excited about this new series.

3 workouts for new moms.

* * *

Enjoy your weekend!