Snapshots of our Week | New York Documentary Family Photographer

Back home after our weekend away upstate, we immediately fell into a busy week. The kids were actually off school on Monday and Tuesday for the Jewish holidays, but I worked all week at "Kinky Boots" so it seemed like every day was a mad rush to pack in errands before heading into the city.

We are in that gorgeous sweet spot of fall weather at the moment, where the humidity has finally hit the road, but it's not yet jacket weather. I've been trying to get the kids out every day to take advantage of it. On Monday we spent some time at the community center playground.

I swear, every trip to the community center park always entails a trip to the bathroom. The kids are obsessed with the automatic paper towel dispenser.

Lila got tired and pouty after a while. We've started calling her "grandma". She's always "too hot, too cold, too tired, too hungry", etc, etc!

At home, both kids are art-making machines at the moment. They love to draw. Logan has been practicing making circles and he drew a smiley face this week! Lila's drawings are usually of her favorite TV show characters. They are amazingly good and detailed! (way better than what I can draw!)

Logan having a hard time about something or other :)

Taking a break from drawing to play My Little Pony.

I made an effort to get in the frame this week! We were playing around in the guest room and I set my timer to fire away.

Wednesday was one of those days. It started off like this:

I snuck a few pictures of Logan as he was waking up from nap. It's not usually possible because the kids' room is so dark, but he had pulled one of the blackout curtains back a little before his nap, so I grabbed the opportunity for a few snaps.

Some snuggles with my nugget once he got out of the crib. Lila isn't so much into snuggling anymore, so I take all I can get from my mama's boy!

Logan is still nursing at almost two and a half. I've finally convinced him that he doesn't need to nurse all night anymore, but he still nurses probably six times during the day. Snuggle bug.

Meanwhile, Lila is a goofball :)

Logan is a goofball too (he learned the word "penis" this week - much hilarity ensued)

Bath time. Still one of my least favorite times of the day. 

A week can't go by without some jumping on the couch photos, right? Plus check out that flare from my 24mm!

I put the baby potty away this week, and Lila has been using the grown up toilet. My almost five-year-old! She also stopped wearing pull-ups to bed.

Logan is obsessed with the faucet.

They are always running in two different directions.

After a week of covering shows at "Kinky Boots", I had Sunday off. We woke up to the rains of the last vestiges of Hurricane Matthew. The kids stayed home with Nana (they had a lot of cooking and baking planned!), and Eric and I drove to New Jersey to go to a wedding of a high school friend of Eric's. It was a nice little getaway.

And that was our week! Wishing you all a happy Monday!

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