A Day in the Life: The Wilson Family | New York & New Jersey Day in the Life Photographer

A Day in the Life sessions are really where my heart is. Spending an entire day with a family, immersed in their home, their dynamics, their activities, their everyday. The novelty of having a photographer in the home dissolves within the first hour, and soon I am treated as one of them, getting an intimate peek into what it is to be part of the family. I adore this glimpse into a life other than my own. It opens my eyes, it opens my heart, it makes me a better person. And in return, I hope I can reflect in my photographs and films of each family, their singularity, their successes, their bond, all that they are doing right. It is hard to see those things in the thick of the chaos of everyday, but I hope by documenting their story in film and in print, that each family gains some reassurance. That it may not always feel like it, but they are truly amazing in their own unique and special way.

When Courtney invited me to come and spend a whole day with her family, I knew it would be fun. Six kids! I was so impressed by not only how much this family loves each other, and truly enjoys each others' company, but also how cooperative everyone was in making a household this large, run smoothly. I give major kudos to Courtney and Matt for being incredible parents and leaders. I need to take some lessons!! 

Courtney wrote in her pre-session questionnaire that "my passion is my family and anything that helps me appreciate and love them more". This was so evident throughout the day, with her interactions with all her children, and her husband. Such love in this house!

Thank you Courtney and Matt (and Lucy and Emma and Spencer and Jack and Henry and Alice!) for inviting me into your home. Your family is amazing, and you inspired me to slow down and enjoy my children and my partner more. That family is everything. 

Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.
— Anthony Brandt

Here is a look at the day I spent with the Wilson Family.


A full look at their "Day in the Life" can be seen here in the session slideshow:

And here is a look at the story of their "Day in the Life", in motion:

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