Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Photographer

Hello to another new week! I am in the midst of busy season with my business and driving the kids back and forth to school and other commitments is filling our days when I am not working. Not a whole lot to report from last week aside from the usual. I am trying to pull my camera out as much as possible and continue documenting our everyday, but it is definitely a challenge within the madness of the fall routine.

This kid's personality grows bigger and bigger everyday. His teacher LOVES him. He has such a joy for life and he freaking LOVES school. He is so excited about trying new things and loves his independence. "I try!" is his mantra.

What is it with kids and clothes? Lila and Logan think it is the funniest thing ever to strip down and play naked or in diaper/underwear. Whatever keeps them happy!

Wednesday is our only "day off" during the week (this week Lila actually starts an added speech class and PT on Wednesday mornings, but there is no school that day). This past week we drove over to Martin Viette Nursery to see the fall set-up and to get some mums and a pumpkin. I challenged myself to use my 85mm while we were there. It's still not my favorite focal length, but that compression sure is pretty!

Portrait of little boy.

Relaxing at home. Lila is so tired by the end of the day.

 I swear Logan has a sixth sense about where I am at all times. I can't even take the garbage out without him banging on the storm door at me.

The other day Logan fell asleep so hard in the car - he didn't wake when I moved him to his bed. I took advantage of his deep sleep and took a few photos. He looks so angelic when he's sleeping!

On Friday night I journeyed up to Connecticut to spend the night at one of my oldest friends' houses. Shawnee and I have known each other since the second grade, and I was so excited to shoot A Day in the Life of her family on Saturday. They are moving back to California soon and they wanted fall on the east coast documented. We had such a fun day, visiting two farms! All the apple fritters!

I love how being away from my kids for even one day makes me appreciate them so much more. I was so happy to spend time with them on Sunday and give them extra squeezes. We went out to lunch and then hit the playground. A nice relaxing Sunday. 

And that was our week! Looking forward to more fun fall activities this week and a few days working in the city!

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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