Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Documentary Family Photographer

Ugh. I was up before dawn this morning with a little boy barking like a sea lion. Croup. It started yesterday (after two weeks of a cold), but this morning he was struggling to catch a breath. So scary. After some steam from the shower he calmed down and was able to breathe, but the poor little guy has no voice today. We just got back from the doctor with a prescription for more steam. Laying low at home today and hoping he feels better tomorrow.

Last week was a busy one. So busy, in fact, that I didn't take many photos. The beginning of the week was unseasonably warm, then it turned rainy, and then all of a sudden on Saturday it was practically winter! I was watching the weather all week because I had an outdoor session on Thursday, and Lila had a field trip that day to a pumpkin farm. Thankfully Thursday ended up being beautiful!

A few photos from home:

Logan is still obsessed with letters. I'm actually dressing him as the alphabet for Halloween! (overalls with letter patches sewn on).

Do you guys know the Elephant & Piggie books? My kids are OBSESSED with them! We have two: "We are in a Book!" and "I Really Like Slop!". Lila and Logan both have the words to "I Really Like Slop" memorized. Its really funny to see them each "reading" the book. 

Coloring and drawing are still favorites in this house as well.

Snuggles at home with my monkeys.

My office at the kitchen table.

The playground outside Logan's classroom only has big kid swings, so in the past few weeks he has learned that he actually has to hold on now when he goes on the swing. He loves the swings so much!

Hanging with the kids after school. 

Logan, The Pants-less Wonder. I don't why he is so obsessed with taking his pants off!

I love this kid's funny toes and skinny legs.

This face!!!!


Lila hiding.

With colder weather approaching, I am so grateful for our basement playroom. Our kids are finally old enough to send down there on their own without them getting into too much trouble!

Little boy sitting in toy car in playroom.

Of course our living room still sort of looks like a playroom, too. I swear these toys multiply on their own.

It was a blustery weekend! I worked all day Saturday and Lila went to a bowling party. On Sunday we hunkered down at home.

Here is Logan watching the rain fall on Friday:

And that was our week! Have a great Monday, everyone!

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