Friday Round-up | New York Family Photographer

Is everyone ready for Halloween?? Lila's school Halloween parade is today and we are planning on carving pumpkins tomorrow. We are also headed to the Rise of the Jack o'Lanterns tonight - I'm excited!

But first - your Friday morning reads:

Everything you need to know about shutter speed and shutter angle. This is a superb watch if you are a filmmaker!

10 Instagram tips for photographers.

What is the best lens for street photography?

This is an awesome infographic on all the correct dimensions for images on Facebook.

8 things every creative should know. This is a great list!

How to make the best scrambled eggs. (I know, random - but informative!)

This panoramic time-lapse of Los Angeles is pretty insane.

An awesome article on NYC kids.

I am pretty obsessed with this wedding film.

I love this story about Hillary Clinton's best friends.

A Virginia couple re-creates their wedding photos inside Target. Hilarious!

I love these photographs of life at Coney Island.

The "Afghan Girl" from Steve McCurry's famed photograph has been arrested in Pakistan.

* * *

Anyone else had issues with pumpkins and squirrels this year? We've never had a problem before and this year we've already lost two pumpkins to those darn hungry squirrels! We had to bring the rest of the pumpkins inside!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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