Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Documentary Family Photographer

Well October flew by, didn't it? Here we are, already at Halloween! It was a crazy busy month for me, between client sessions and working a bit at Kinky Boots. I am looking forward to going away for Thanksgiving and getting a little R&R, and I plan on finishing up all my client work by mid-December so that I can just focus on my family for the few weeks around the holidays. I have been so grateful for all my fall sessions though! They came on fast and furious, and a little out of the blue, so now I know to be more prepared for next year!

My kiddos had a little bit of a rough time last week. Poor Logan had the croup. He's had a cold for a few weeks now, but woke up last Sunday with a barking cough, and then by Monday morning was having a really tough time breathing. He actually gave me quite a scare early on Monday. I sat in the bathroom with him for a good 15 minutes with the shower running and contemplated a run to the pediatric ER, he was wheezing so badly. But he did calm down and I was able to wait a few hours and take him to his regular doctor. He had to stay home from school all week, but he is 90% better now, so he'll go back today. He missed school so much! 

We've collected a lot of pumpkins this year - I think we originally had seven - but we keep losing them to hungry squirrels! Its so annoying! So we had to bring them all inside. We carved the three biggest ones last night and will brave the squirrels to put them out tonight for Halloween.

Logan does not do well with sitting still and staying inside. I felt bad for his bored little self this week.

I played a little bit with freelensing the other day while Lila and Logan were in the bath. They are getting too big to take baths together - no room to spare! I do like being able to get both washed at the same time, though! 

The Halloween parade at school on Friday was a strange affair. Lila got upset part-way through - because she had some marker on her dress? Still unclear to me. But epic meltdown ensued and I actually ended up having to take her home for the rest of the day. That's the first time in over two years at school that she has ever asked to go home. It was very strange. We'll see how things go today. All that said, she looked really cute as Peppa Pig. My mom made her the hat.

Logan was having his own meltdown that day, too. Probably because the parade was at the same time as his nap. Luckily Eric's mom was there to help out with my distraught children! We went home afterward, hit the reset button, and had a quiet afternoon.

Little boy playing with toys in the living room.

On Friday night, Lila, Marge (Eric's mom) and I went to The Rise of the Jack o'Lanterns at Old Westbury Gardens. It was really fun! So many amazing carved pumpkins. It was a bit too dark for photos but here is one of some animals made of pumpkins, so you get the idea of what we saw.

Yesterday was crazy warm - 75 degrees! It has been in the 50's, so this was quite a change. We went over to the playground at Eisenhower Park for the afternoon. The kids both exhausted themselves and fell asleep in the car on way home. Win!

And that was our week! 

After the meltdowns on Friday we are planning on a low-key Halloween, with a little bit of trick-or-treating at Nana's house. 

Hope you all have a fun Halloween and a great week!

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