Friday Round-up | New York City Family Photographer

Happy Friday, everyone! Man it's been a busy week. A head spinning week! Things are good, though - kids are happy, Halloween costumes have been figured out, Lila's birthday party planning in the works... busy fall!

A busy weekend ahead, too, with work all day tomorrow and a wedding to go to on Sunday, but first, a little coffee and some catching up on the good stuff around the web this week.

Here we go!

Some tips on shooting layers in street photography.

It's that time of year! Places to see the stunning fall foliage in Westchester.

Sony just came out with the a6500 and I WANT!

Sony also just released the RX100V - I have the 100iii and I love it! Such a great little pocket camera.

5 tips for photographing the suburbs.

The new lensbaby trio is an awesome addition for mirrorless users - combining three lenses in one!

The most popular camera and lens combos used online. Interesting!

Vimeo is starting a year-long film festival. Very cool!

This new play cafe in Queens looks awesome! Putting this on our list of winter activities!

And now on to the important stuff: top burgundy lipsticks for fall!

Comparing the Fuji xt-2 and the Sony a7s II for video... its a close call! 

Why I sold my Nikon d5 for a Fuji xt-2. Adding the Fuji to my list to rent and play with!

I just watched this Ted talk on letter writing in a class I'm taking and it really resonated with me.

A thoughtful post on raising race-conscious children

23 meals with 5 ingredients or less.

How to teach our kids not to hate.

Color Finale just came out with a Pro version. I installed it a few days ago and I love it!!

51 of the most beautiful sentences in literature.

* * *

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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