Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Photographer

It's been quite a week. Between the election, everyone in our house having a cold, and numerous festivities for Lila's birthday, I am exhausted. I have to work all day in Lila and Logan's classrooms today before the long haul is over.

I wanted to write a lot today in this post. I am taking a writing class currently - my hope is to start pairing words with my images to tell a more complete story. I had every intention to start being more real with you all this morning,  but as I said, I am exhausted - this week has been a doozy, so I don't think I have the energy this morning to kick off this new plan. I am working on it, though, and it is coming, just maybe not this morning.

The week started out as normal as any other, and hopefully for my kids, it ended that way, too.

But for me there was definitely a "before" and "after".

This was "before":

And this was "after":

On the surface nothing changed, and yet I have felt rocked since Tuesday night. The world feels unsure, unsafe and like a completely different place. Like I had a blindfold on before and now it's been taken off. It would be so easy to turn off the news and say "it will all be fine" and just go on with my life, but I refuse to do that. Changes have to be made, and it starts on the smallest level, right here at home.

Some intentions I have set for myself this week:

- I will begin the process of becoming an American citizen so that I can vote in all subsequent elections and be a role model for my children.

- I will teach my children to be kind, inquisitive, peaceful, compassionate, respectful, open and accepting of all people.

- Hate speech will not be tolerated in my house or in front of my children, including from other family members.

- I will stand up for others, I will be an ally, and I will teach my children to do the same.

- I will speak up, starting at the smallest level - at my children’s schools, our neighborhood, local parent groups.

- I will make monthly donations to charities of my choosing.

- I will volunteer my photography services and event management services to any local social justice organization that needs it.

- I will talk to people. I will learn about their stories and their cultures. I will keep an open mind.

- I will tell stories of people from all walks of life through my photography.

- I will continually educate myself, and my children.

- I will shop locally at small businesses when at all possible.

I know this isn't my ordinary weekly run-down, but it is important for me to let these words and intentions out. 

And now a newly 5-year-old is just waking and wanting to open some presents before school.

I wish everyone peace. Let's go out there and make and difference.

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