Friday Round-up | New York City Area Photographer

TGIF friends! We've made it to the end of another week. We are all fighting colds over here and coming down from Lila's birthday week of celebrations. Looking forward to a little R&R next weekend for Thanksgiving. I am taking next weekend off from editing sessions and am looking so forward to a little break from my computer screen!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving??

I know Facebook is filled with political posts right now, so I tried to keep them to a minimum here - grab your coffee and settle in for your Friday reads:

This podcast episode about Kid Lit is on my list of things to listen to!

Not really sure what to do following the election? Here are five suggestions.

Wow! A 5gb portable hard drive!

Three excellent video tutorials on tilt-shift lenses and how they work.

Another podcast episode on my list to listen to: Jenna Shouldice on TWIP Family this week, talking about birth photography.

24 of the best children's holiday books.

Choosing the right microphone for your project.

35 images that capture the Beatnik's heyday in NYC.

We are being inundated with news right now - just FYI, these are fake news sites - do not share from them!

Some tips on how to make your Facebook feed more well-rounded.

An awesome photography project at the LA protests this week.

Ben Sasso's Creative Manifesto - I love this.

Thank god for Joe Biden. These memes are basically the only good thing happening in politics right now!

How to easily be an ally to marginalized communities.

You can sign up for daily action newsletter, which is constantly being updated.

13 children's books that encourage kindness.

* * *

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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