Snapshots of Our Week | Garden City South Family Documentary Photographer

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We had a lovely few days away upstate in Copake - a little break that we all needed desperately. It was snowy when we arrived (which the kids LOVED - Lila woke up a few minutes before we pulled into the driveway and said "Mom! It's MAGIC!"), and followed by a few rainy days - but it was probably for the best because it forced us all to slow down and relax (even Eric!).

The week started out business as usual. School, speech, grocery shopping, etc. I'm loving all the Logan time I'm getting. He is starting to shun nap time, but he is such a self-sufficient little guy, that even when he doesn't sleep, he generally keeps himself busy without much needed from me. I finally was able to coerce him into a haircut on Tuesday night. His hair was getting out of hand. He only allows me to touch it in the bath - so that's where I cut it, much to poor Lila's chagrin since she still takes a bath with him. Both Lila and Logan were surrounded by floating chunks of hair while I attempted my crude trim. I was actually pretty impressed with how it turned out since I really couldn't tell what I was doing.

A before photo (a little too Bieber-eque for my taste!):

One of his elusive naps.

Playing in his make-believe boat.

We drove up to Copake on Wednesday afternoon. The kids were so excited to be going to "the house in the woods". We met all of Eric's family up there, along with his aunt and cousin. It was nice to see the first snow of the season - perfect for the holiday weekend.

Lila was most happy to see Riley. At school this week when she was asked what she is thankful for, she said "my dog".

Logan decided this weekend that he is obsessed with playing pool. He got some tutoring from Daddy & Pops - he'll be a pool shark by age 3!

On Thanksgiving morning we all went out to enjoy the snow. There wasn't very much, but enough for some sledding and a snowman.

We had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, thanks to Eric's mom, Marge. I didn't take any photos of the feast! But here is one of poor Riley eyeing Logan's plate from through the porch door!

Logan kept sneaking out to the porch through the doggie door all weekend - it was hilarious. I'm surprised he didn't freeze out there.

We went on a few walks through the snowy woods. We also went down to the pond, which ended up being not so great an idea when Logan slipped and almost fell in!

We tried to go to a museum on Friday, but it was closed - so we went to Great Barrington instead. We visited an art gallery, a couple of toy stores, and got ice cream at SoCo creamery

We went to the Copake library for a little while on Saturday afternoon - but otherwise it was a pretty lazy day. The kids liked the library. They had a nice little children's section with toys, books and a computer with games on it. They were also showing Christmas movies for kids in the multi-purpose room.

After the library, while Logan napped, Lila, Marge & I (and Riley!) went for a walk all around the property. The birch trees look so pretty right now.

Sunday morning there was a beautiful sunrise. We started our drive home soon after breakfast. 

We spent the rest of Sunday unpacking at home and resting - getting back into the frame of mind for school tomorrow!

And that was our Thanksgiving week. I hope you all had a lovely holiday week, too! Now - onto Christmas.

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