Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all had a good week. I can't believe its already almost over - the days just fly by, don't they? Already November. We are gearing up for Lila's birthday on the 14th and looking forward to Thanksgiving. And I guess I have to start thinking about Christmas soon. Wasn't it just the 4th of July?? 

I love sitting down on Friday mornings and looking through all my bookmarked posts from throughout the week. Its my version of the newspaper :) So many interesting reads and fascinating images floating around out there on the internet. Here is this week's list!

I just bought Julie Blackmon's book Homegrown. Its so good.

Final Cut Pro just got a big update with version 10.3.

Tracy has me intrigued about Whole 30. Maybe once busy season is over and I am not eating all the things to cope.

Interesting new service by the NY Times called "Watching"

I love this article about Ed Reed, who has been the NYC mayoral photographer for the past 30 years. Some amazing images.

A group of wedding photographers take to the streets. The results are awesome!

Wow. An inside look at the Naked Cowboy. He's even crazier than I thought.

Eric Kim with 40 photography assignments to inspire you.

Have you seen this song Sara Bareilles wrote for "This American Life" about the election from the point of view of Obama?

Photoshopped photographs of gang members without their tattoos. Wow!

* * *

On Halloween. I was pretty impressed Lila went up to the door at this house on her own!

Wishing you all a fun weekend!

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