Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Documentary Family Photographer

Here we are, already entrenched in November. Lila's birthday is fast approaching (Five? I can't believe it) and we are making our Thanksgiving plans. Its crazy how fast the year flew by.

Here is another week of our life documented in photographs. It has been a very full fall, but I always try to make recording our family a priority even through the busiest of times. I know I will thank myself later!

We began the week with Halloween. We went over to Eric's parents' neighborhood and trick-or-treated at their house, and then spent some time walking around the area visiting some more houses. The kids had fun and came home with a good amount of candy, which I am sure will take them into 2017 to eat. Lila dressed as Peppa Pig (thank you for the hat, Granny!) and Logan dressed (at the last minute) as a pirate.

Getting in the frame.

The weather turned warm again this week. (Make up your mind, Mother Nature!), so we headed to the park. The kids even took their socks and shoes off for a while.

On Thursday, Lila and I went to help out in Logan's class. It was really fun to see him interact with his classmates, and to see how much he loves all the activities at school. Music was a highlight!

We spend three mornings a week at the agency where Lila has speech therapy - I've started bringing activities for Logan to do to keep him from running and screaming around the waiting room for an hour. 

Back at home - some roughhousing. 

Some play time with his airplane.

Until he was thwarted by sister.

Yesterday we went over to Hicks Nursery for a little while since Logan was boycotting his nap (a trend lately that I don't like one bit!). They are in-between Halloween and Christmas at the moment over there, but there are always some fun Christmas things to see - like the little village with the skaters.

And that was our week! Hope you have a great Monday!

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