Snapshots of Our Week | Family Photography on Long Island

I'm sitting here in the early hours listening to the rain fall. I think we are in for a soggy week. We had our first sprinkling of snow last night, although its all been washed away by the rain now. I feel like things are finally starting to slow down after a few really busy months. We decorated our tree yesterday and the house is now peaceful and ready for a (hopefully!) relaxing holiday. Winter, we are ready for you. I am looking forward to movies, hot cider, blankets and lots of snuggle time with my babies over the holiday break from school. 

Despite the chill - its been in the thirties lately - my kids (especially Logan) have become obsessed with stripping all their clothes off while they are home. It makes me cold just to look at them! Our windows are drafty! Kids are the weirdest!

Both kids had their "special days" at school this past Thursday. Its so fun to see how excited each kid (meaning all the kids at school) gets when it is their "special day". They get to be the line leader, they get to do all kinds of special helper activities for the teacher, in pre-K they get up in front of the class and talk about "the story of today" (which is basically saying what date it is and what the weather is outside). But mostly its just fun for them to have mom or dad there to show us all the cool things they get to do at school - and to introduce us to their friends.

Logan had a few melt-downs on Thursday - I think he was tired. His class is also at the point where they are now comfortable with each other and no longer being polite on the sharing front. Opinions and desires are being expressed, and expressed loudly by this group of two-year-olds! Lila's class is a nice bunch. Its so awesome to see Lila so happy and confident amongst the other kids and also to see how much they like her! I was also impressed with how loudly and confidently she told "the story of today" - with her pointer on all the right labels on the calendar! 

I love taking photographs at the nursery school. Seeing the kids' personalities when they are together with their peers is a riot. 

Logan's class was first, in the morning.

Lila has school in the afternoons. Here are some photos from my afternoon with her. They were working on some projects that will become Christmas presents for their families.

I'm obsessed with photographing these kids when they are lined up. I love seeing all their personality while trying to contain themselves. And the different choices in outfits is always fun to see, too. 

This one is filed under "blurry but awesome". Love how happy Lila is here, even though I missed focus.

More lining up. Its the best!

Kids lined up after recess at nursery school.

Time for indoor "centers". These kids were super into the magna-tiles.

I was really impressed to see how far Lila's cutting skills have come since last year. She did really well cutting out this Christmas tree craft.

The kids worked with their teacher to make a special candle centerpiece for their families for Christmas. Mixing the plaster of Paris was messy but fun!

Yesterday we headed out to Home Depot bright and early to get our Christmas tree. The selection was pretty slim but we found a good one. 

Favorite picture of the day:

We strategically decorated while Logan napped so he was treated with the surprise of the tree when he woke up. He loved it.

And that was our week!

How many of you decorated your Christmas trees this weekend? We ran into Eric's parents buying their tree when we were out getting ours. It was the thing to do this weekend, apparently!

Wishing you all a happy Monday and a great week!

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