Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Photography

I keep hearing from people who are done with their Christmas shopping already and I haven't even started! I have to get moving in the holiday department. My cards arrived a few days ago so I'll be sending those out this week, and hopefully we will get a tree this weekend. I've started reading a Christmas book with the kids every night before bed as part of our advent calendar this year. I'm loving this new tradition! How is your holiday prep coming? I love seeing photos on Facebook and Instagram of everyone's trees and outings and traditions.

I had my last session of 2016 yesterday and now I am furiously trying to finish up all my editing and get everyone's albums sent out in the next two weeks. It has been an amazing fall this year and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to film and photograph and befriend so many awesome families.

And now for a few photographss of our week here on Long Island.

The kids don't have school on Wednesdays, so we headed over to Hicks Nursery after Lila finished her speech class that morning. Hicks is a huge place over near Old Westbury Gardens. They go all-out for the holidays - there is an animatronic display you can walk through and live reindeer out back. Not to mention Santa, and all the Christmas decor they sell there - from huge inflatable characters for your yard, to miniature train sets. And you can pick up your Christmas tree while you are there, too! Its a fun place to spend an hour running around.

The rest of our week was the usual - running back and forth to school and speech classes. After school we usually spend some time hanging out on the hill in the community center parking lot while the kids chase each other and the moms chat. Once we get too cold we head home to get dinner ready. Its a homebody time of year! (FYI - Logan is going through a "no clothes" phase so that's why he is in only a diaper in most of the following photos. Kids are weird.)

It was chilly on Saturday but we ventured out to the playground for a little while, until it got so windy I couldn't take it anymore! Logan is getting so daring on the equipment - its a little scary to see his little self climbing on things he really shouldn't be. I really need to get this kid into a gymnastics class stat!

And that was our week! 

I hope you are staying warm and enjoying your December. Happy Monday!