Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

Lila had a snow day on Monday after we were slammed with over two feet of snow on Saturday. She spent part of Monday building a snow cave in the front yard with Eric.

Then everything started turning to slippery ice, so the rest of the week was mostly spent indoors.

Tuesday was Lila's "special day" at school, which means that I went to school with her for the whole day! The kids went sledding! It was super fun.

Target run later in the week. They were both thrilled.

Sibling love.

Logan is a little troublemaker. Among his favorite activities: throwing everything in sight, taking all the pillows off the couch, and dancing on the coffee table.

Dug out some my old CDs and put a box of them in my car (the only place with a CD player!). It's nice listening to something besides Disney princess songs.

Hanging with the littles.

I spent the weekend in the city: working at "Kinky Boots" on Saturday and then did two awesome video shoots on Sunday. Can't wait to share!

And that was our week! Happy Monday everyone!