10 on 10: February 2016 | Long Island, NY Family Photography

Another 10th of the month and another 10 on 10! It was an ordinary Wednesday - Lila's day off school. 

Logan had a quick doctor's appointment to get a couple of vaccines he missed at his last well check because he was running a fever. There were tears for a few minutes, but otherwise it was fairly painless.

After that we hit Target for some random things like drawing paper, boogie wipes and strawberries.

And then on to our favorite place for lunch - Panera.

Home. Logan napping. Quick potty break for Lila before we act out an epic re-creation of "The Land Before Time" and then play legos for an hour.

She was pretending the stairs were "Fire Mountain".

Looking out the window at the snow flurries.

And checking out the backyard as well.

Watching some TV after nap.

Shadows and light as the sun goes down.

Now follow the blog circle around to see what everyone else was up to! Next up is Rebecca in Seattle!