Harlem Sunday Brunch | New York City Family Films

If you've ever looked at a family documentary photo session or a family film and thought "I can't do that, I don't have little kids", I am here to tell you that you are dead wrong. I believe that the word "family" encompasses many things - over the years I have had work families, friends who are as close as family, and have had the pleasure of knowing many "families" who don't resemble the stereotypical Mom, Dad and Kids. 

I've photographed and filmed Matty and Justin many times - they were part of my "Rock of Ages" family for many years. We worked in a tiny little office together in a basement in midtown and spent pretty much every night of the week together laughing our faces off for close to three years. Matty and Justin are best friends (and yes, both stage managers!) and Matty just recently moved into the apartment right above Justin with his boyfriend, Joey.

I was so excited when they came up with the idea of documenting a Sunday morning brunch at Justin's apartment. Also in attendance were Justin's boyfriend Dustin (although he had to leave for work early that day - he is the dance captain at "An American in Paris") and Justin's childhood best friend Sarita. We had a blast hanging out, eating delicious food, and of course - laughing our faces off.

I adore this film because not only does it capture the spirit and friendship of these amazing people, but it is proof that OF COURSE your life with your loved ones is worth being documented, even if you don't fall into that neat little checkbox of "nuclear family"! And no, I don't need cute little kids to make some beautiful photos or a film for you. YOU are enough! 

So with that, come on in for some brunch in Harlem.