Friday Round-up

Happy Friday everyone! I've almost made it to the end of winter break with two kids home - woohoo! Looking forward to a playdate today and a relaxing weekend. And then school on Monday!

Here are your Friday reads!

Love is a verb. A very good reminder to SHOW our loved ones how much we love them.

Some thoughts on the Fuji x-Pro 2 for street photography (love the comparisons at the end).

A 60 Minutes interview with rockstar photographer Danny Clinch. I have a book of his work and I LOVE it. 

Clickin' Moms list of 100 Photographers to Watch in 2016. My friend Bonnie made the list - woot woot!

Some tips on how to self-critique your photos.

Some more thoughts about Chatbooks. I keep meaning to try them out!

This year's best news photos.

Gorgeous photos of Harlem in the 60's.

Saul Leiter, one of my favorites, and my color inspiration.

A new site that celebrates women in photography.

This new series about roadies looks like it could be good!

The oldest video footage of New York City.

* * * 

Have a great weekend, everyone!