Snapshots of our Week | Long Island, New York Family Documentary Photography

Oh boy. Winter break. 7 long days at home together! We muddled through. 

It looked a lot like this

Lila was here. 

Playing on the couch never gets old. Lila thinks the couch is hers and hers alone.

Lila made us a valentine at school and then mailed it home! It arrived a few days after Valentine's Day.

At Barnes & Noble to play with the trains. Cold weather fun.

On Thursday I went into the city to meet someone about getting me some new health insurance. Thankfully it was rather painless. And I went to B&H afterward!

On Friday I took Lila and Logan to a playdate. It was super fun. 

It was pretty warm this weekend! We spent a long time outside on Saturday.

Making castles out of blocks for her princesses.

And that was our week! Back to school today!

Have a great week everyone!