Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, New York Family Photography

Spring seems to be on the way - we found a few purple flowers peeking through our dead front lawn yesterday. The snow pants have not been pulled out in at least a week and the days are thankfully getting longer.

Lila has been back at school and loving seeing her friends again after winter break. Logan likes to sit in her chair when she is gone, and has even started taking her pillows into his crib for naps. When sister is away!

Lazing about in his lounge chair.

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It was Lila's "special day" at school on Tuesday, which means that I participated in the classroom. She was a bit of a mess for most of the day, to be honest - tired, I think. But the first hour and a half was okay - haha :) Here she is playing dress up.

Running away from the Chinese New Year dragon.

Waiting for lunch to start.

Coloring in a design for her Chinese New Year drum.

Working at the writing center.

Playing with legos.

It was rainy on Wednesday, Lila's day off school, and knowing how crabby she was the day before - I knew we couldn't stay inside all day! So I took the kids to an indoor play space called "Once Upon a Treetop". They LOVED it! It was a really fun morning.

Back at home... playing in the basement.

Eric bought this lightbulb that changes colors - the kids are obsessed with it.

Watching TV before bed.

Logan, playing in Eric's giant mountain of laundry.

Making friends at the grocery store.

More fun in the basement.

Playing with her lantern for Chinese New Year.

It was gorgeous out yesterday. We hit the playground.

And that was our week! Happy Monday everyone!