Friday Round-up (on Saturday!)

I am so behind in blogging this week! Catching up slowly, catching up! Sorry if you missed it yesterday, but you probably have more time to sit and read and browse the internet today anyway, right?

So here they are: your Friday reads on Saturday!

I love my friend Kristin's idea of the Fun Jar. Definitely starting this tradition!

My new friend Kristina was featured over on In Beauty and Chaos. How talented is she?? Yay for Long Island photographers!!

28 lessons I have learned from life (and photography). How is this guy so wise at 28?

Zalmy Berkowitz is on TWIP Family this week!

How to stay curious. This is something I marvel at in my own children.

Moving portraits at Sundance. Very cool!

Just stop. I loved this post. It gave me the idea of making sure I go and sit outside every day for 5 minutes and do nothing.

Xanthe Berkeley's Creating Time Capsules class is open for registration. Run, don't walk, to sign up! She is the master of creating these little family films!

Jessica Thomason is the photographer who first turned me on to the genre of family documentary photography. Her Periscope session in Target with her family the other night was so interesting! Here are the photos she took that night.

Some fun "Mommy & Me Date" ideas.

Wine and Girl Scout cookie pairings. Genius.

Please don't ask me to work for free.

I love Niki Boon's work.

Documentary family photojournalism tips from Kirsten Lewis.

Watching the calling of the camera shots for the live airing of Grease is just amazing. This is similar to "calling a show" as a stage manager, only way more impressive!

Tips for family self-portraits.

This could be written about me and Lila. Such an important reminder to slow down

* * *

Enjoy your weekend!