Portraits of my Children | Long Island Children's Photography

Logan - Age 1, Week 34

Definitely closer to 2 than 1. You waiver between whining, getting up to mischief and being the sweetest, most huggable kid. You love giving out hugs and kisses. You also like to throw things! This week you learned how to say "SNACK!" so hopefully that will lead to a little less whining??? You had your last appointment with the orthopedist and were deemed all clear. No need for further PT. Whew. Let's not break anything else anytime soon, okay buddy?

Lila - Age 4, Week 12

My favorite thing about you this week has been watching your imagination just bloom. You love dramatic play and you like to play out long dramas recreating either a favorite movie ("Brave" usually) or a regular day (I have to play the role of mom, your teacher and your speech therapist). It's really fun to hear you narrate this stories (very dramatically I might add!). You are getting better and better at independent play, too, which helps me out on snow days when I have to get a few things done during Logan's nap (we are not always successful at this, but definitely improving!). Love seeing the awesome little girl you are growing into!