Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, NY Family Photography

Well it seems like winter has finally arrived with a few more days of snow (we are still getting days of 50 or 60 degrees in between though, which is just SO WEIRD). Although I like the snow, I am not a fan of snow days - so hard to accomplish anything when I don't get those four little breaks during the week when Lila is usually at school. Anyway, we are muddling through. I am expecting to get a phone call about another snow day today.

Lila is now at school for four hours four days a week, which gives me some nice one-on-one time with this little guy - especially on Mondays, when Lila has yoga before school.

Logan is still obsessed with learning his letters, numbers and shapes. I'm amazed when I hear him singing the alphabet song or counting to ten - at 20 months old!

Groundhog day. Apparently spring is on the way! Lila made this fun craft at school. It was so nice that day that I walked over to school with the double stroller to pick her up.

Rainy day trip to Panera.

Lila and Logan both love playing on our bed. I guess all kids like playing on "the big bed" right?

Watching the snow fall.

We went over to Eric's parents' house on Friday to let Riley out (Marge & Paul were out of town). The light was so pretty.

Another Panera date. What can I say? Its a good winter activity.

Winter means lots of indoor shenanigans.

And that was our week! Hunkering down here and watching the snow fall outside. Happy Monday!