Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, New York Family Photography

Pops brought over a bird house this week and hung it in the tree out front... and then later this week we put up a second bird house outside our side window. Hopefully some birdwatching is in our future!

Logan has started eating his dinner at the little red table instead of in his high chair. Not much baby left in him!

Lots of sunny days this week... it was so nice.

Flowers coming up in the front yard.

A walk around the block.

Playing in the backyard just before dinner. That light!

Bickering over space on the couch. All day every day.

Target trip.

Awesome light and shadows at the mall.

This kid!

We wore him out.

Walking around while Lila was in speech.

I worked in Lila's classroom again on Thursday. It was class picture day. Lila was better behaved this week. Thank goodness.

More of that sunshine.

Bath time.

At a birthday party on Saturday.


And that was our week! Happy Monday!