Friday Round-up

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a fun Easter weekend planned. We are going to be hanging with family and eating lots of chocolate, I hope :)

Your reads for today!

This music video made with only an iPhone kind of blew me away.

Another thing that blew me away: you can set focus on this camera AFTER you take the photo. Wha???

Golden compositions.

Add depth and complexity to your photos.

Highly recommend Xanthe Berkeley's MAKE FILMS course

Never doubt the importance of photography.

This grapefruit yogurt cake is in my future.

This matchbox doll is adorable! I want to make one for Lila.

The Netflix of camera gear!

Powerful images of working mothers.

How to make the new instagram changes work for you.

A great post on vision driven exposures. When I learned about this rather than exposing for skin, it was a huge relief.

These images of Cuba are awesome.

Flickr, I'm not going anywhere.

* * *

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, everyone!