Snapshots of our Week | Long Island, New York Family Photography

Easter came on fast this year, didn't it? I feel like we just finished up winter break, and here we are with another one (and spring break is only 3 weeks away!). It's been nice having sunnier weather - one day the temps even hit 70!

I've been taking a fantastic street photography course called "Here is Where: Photographing the World Around You" and its been a really great incentive to get out of the house with the kids and get some photos of them in their environment. I am looking forward to doing lots of this over the summer and I have a project brewing in my head about documenting growing up on Long Island.

On Monday Eric and I headed into the city first thing to get our taxes done. Thankfully after a tough year where we both started businesses, we are both getting refunds. Trudy Durant and Associates are the bomb-diggity. 

I snapped this as I was crossing 34th Street to their office. Everybody on a cell phone.

Back at home, the usual: couch gymnastics and block building.

Out for a walk while Lila was in speech on Tuesday, Logan and I ran into these guys. Big trees still coming down all over the place. Lots of fear in people after all the damage that happened during Hurricane Sandy.

Spring means...planting season! We'll wait a few more weeks to be sure the snow is totally done before we plant any vegetables, but Lila was eager to get some flowers into the pot on the front porch, so we headed over to Hicks Nursery.

Logan had a period of nap boycotting this week (don't make it a trend, buddy!), so we were able to venture out a bit in the afternoons when he is usually sleeping.

This was a beautiful afternoon at the community center.


Morning. Trying to escape.

An ordinary day of errands. Starting with getting gas. Everyone is enthused, as you can tell.

We went to a new playground this week. The kids loved it. I had to sign in and lie about what town we live in in order to not get kicked out for being non-residents, but it was worth it.

Another trip to Barnes and Noble. Lila wanted a Peppa Pig book. Her interest in books comes and goes so I'll never deny her a trip to the bookstore or library.

Lunch at our favorite place.

On Friday I had lunch with my friend Lyn and took some photos for her to submit for leg modeling. This is what that looks like when you have a kid haha :)

Lila spent the night at Nana's house on Friday night so I got to spend some quality time with Logan. He was excited to watch his choice of TV (instead of Lila's choice!) and we went for a long walk on Saturday morning.

Easter was fun. We went to a car show in town in the morning and in the afternoon we went over to Nana and Pops' house.

And that was our week! Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend!