366 Hit List: March | Long Island, New York Family Photography & Videography

March... teasing us with sprouting flowers one day and snow the next! We did have a few gorgeous 70 degree days and we have been able to spend more and more time outdoors. I am loving my 366 project this year - I think it's because I am more sure of my "style" and "vision" than in previous years. And my 1 second project? I LOVE it. The video clips don't seem like much of anything separately - but together? Magic. And the master file I am keeping which contains January-March now? Oh its so exciting. The final movie is going to be so awesome. I can't wait!

Now here are a few favorites from March...

And my March "mood board":

And finally, one second a day in March:

Now follow the circle around and see what my fellow 366-ers were up to in March, starting with Margaret.