A Day in the Life: March 2016 | Long Island, New York Family Films & Videography

Last week I captured our day on video. It was an ordinary Wednesday. Lila didn't have school that day. Nothing spectacular happened, but it is so nice to have these plain mundane days recorded to look back on. In fact, this is the fourth March in a row that I have filmed an "A Day in the Life" for our family, and what a treat it is to look back on them now. How Lila has grown! And Logan isn't even in the first two!

I tried my hand at freelensing for the first time while filming video for this. Its a technique I hope to explore more. I'm not sure it quite fits here, but the dreamy depth of field and light leaks really lend themselves to the feeling of "memory" - something I definitely want to delve into.

And for good measure, our previous three March "A Day in the Life" films.




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