Snapshots of our Week | Long Island, New York Family Photography

Another ordinary week around these parts. Sometimes the ordinary weeks are the best though. We like our routines around here. 

Lila's drawings are getting so good. I remember last year at the beginning of her first year of preschool the director said we would be amazed to see where their art developed in just two years, but I kind of blew it off until now. It really is amazing to see where scribbles have now turned into shapes and people and places. 

With a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old in the house, there are lots of big emotions always. This mom gig is hard!

There is lots of asserting opinions happening too... which means lots of fighting. I finally caved and let Logan start watching my iPad because I was tired over the fights of what to watch on TV.

What is a week without Target??

We also hit Shake Shack this week for good measure.

Dinner in front of the TV. By the end of the day, I don't have the energy for a fight. Plus this way they actually stay seated, instead of getting up 8 billion times.

It snowed again this week. Just a little bit. But I think we are all looking forward to Spring.

I had fun playing with freelensing again this week. Its pretty awesome while filming video as well!

I've been playing with my lensbaby too, but I don't like it as much as I do freelensing.

A little baking on a cold day.

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Lila scraped her nose at school the other day. Oh the tears when I picked her up! She insisted on a band-aid for a few days.

Spring is on the way.

It was Lila and Logan's cousin Lucy's 5th birthday party yesterday. We had fun celebrating with her. 

And that was our week! Happy Monday, everyone!