Friday Round-up

Happy April Fools Day! The April showers have arrived with full force - Lila was excited when she woke up this morning at the prospect of using her new umbrella. I'm headed in to work at "Kinky Boots" all weekend and looking forward to the change of scenery. I haven't been in the company of many other grown-ups for a while :)

I only have a few links to share this week, but here they are - your Friday reads:

Clickin' Moms is re-branding to Click and Company. If you are interested in photography, be sure to checkout their excellent classes. 

How to beat Instagram's new algorithm.

This week's TWIP family podcast is about gear - good stuff!

Travel street photography tips from Eric Kim.

Refugees document their journey with disposable cameras.

I'm intrigued by vintage lenses.

When friends are family.

The making of a Broadway show. Love this.

* * *

Have a great weekend!