21 Months Old!

Oh boy. I remember how hard it was to get these chair photos at this age with Lila. SO hard! You are such a wiggle worm. This one isn't really even in focus. Ah well. And I'm late again posting this month. 

You are a full-fledged little boy now. You love playing with cars and trucks, building structures with your blocks and coloring. You also enjoy coloring the floor and the walls! You love being outside. You LOVE being at Lila's school. I have to drag you out of the classroom screaming every day. You will be so happy at playgroup next year. 

Your eating habits are getting pickier. You still love all kinds of fruit, but its hard to get any protein into you. And your sleep. Ugh. Let's not even go there. You are still waking 3-4 times a night. You are still nursing ("Gulk" is your word for milk) a ton. You have a lot of words - I'd say maybe 50-100? You love to count and say your ABCs and spell out words. You are throwing some epic tantrums now too - terrible twos approaching?

Mostly though, you are the sweetest little boy who loves to kiss anyone and everyone. We love you so, Logan.