Snapshots of our Week | Long Island, New York Family Photography

The weather turned cold again this week and the April showers arrived. The flowers we bought last week for the porch froze and died. 70 degrees, you are welcome to show up any time!

It was the usual around here.

I had to work all week at "Kinky Boots", which was fun and exhausting and also gave me the opportunity for some street photography. I've grown so bored with the walk from Penn Station to Times Square, up 7th, 8th or Broadway. I really thought there were no pictures left to take. But somehow I managed to take some more. And I actually really like them.

On Wednesday morning a package showed up for Lila. She ordered a "Peppa Pig Playhouse" with her Easter money. I took a few photos of her opening the box. Peppa Pig is her new obsession.

A trip to the grocery store. Always exciting :)

Couch gymnastics. Always.

This morning we had some muddy fun at the playground.

And then we played in the backyard this afternoon. 

And that was our week! Hope you had a great one. Happy Monday!