Friday Round-up

TGIF! Hope you all had a good week! It has been so nice having longer days - we have been hitting the park everyday after school. Running the kids ragged before bed? Always a good thing :)

Your Friday reads!

So many amazing photos from Cuba lately: check out these here - and these!

Can't wait to watch all these Carpool Karaoke videos.

10 things to teach your daughter.

How to make people think you have your shit together. Haha - this is hilarious!

Looking ahead to summer: 23 kid-friendly resorts!

That time we did a midnight show of Rock of Ages... can't believe this was five years ago!

The percussionist from Crazy for You is certainly earning his paycheck!

Teach girls bravery.

In defense of homebodies. I can totally relate to this!

I am currently on a spring cleaning rampage and am putting together a capsule wardrobe

Art vs. Motherhood. Very interesting read.

* * *