Friday Round-up

Headed into the weekend - and looking forward to some fun outdoor time with the kiddos! We all have stuffy noses at the moment - here's hoping that clears up fast! Warm weather colds are the worst. 

But enough of that whining... here are your Friday reads!

Some good ideas for getting out of that rut.

Some ways to keep creativity alive.

A look at the Pulitzer prize winner for photography.

I love Niki Boon's photos.

The Power of Photographs. Do yourself a favor and watch this.

Some composition tips for shooting "National Geographic"-style.

Fail forward. SUCH wise words.

This is a cool photographic trick.

An interesting read about choosing a tiny home to live in by choice in NYC.

10 quick and healthy bedtime snacks for kids!

Adult skills every 18 year old should have. Yes!

Life lessons from a chorus boy.

Picasso on pricing your work.

* * *

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!