A Year of Moving Pictures: April | Long Island, New York Family Films

I almost didn't get this one done! In the Project 12 group I am a part of, this month's challenge is "black and white". Well, if you follow my photography and filmmaking at all, I think you know what a huge fan of color I am! Also with it being spring and blossoms flowering everywhere, I just could not wrap my head around what on earth I could make in black and white. My footage just did not want to be converted, no matter what I tried! After whining about it a bit (haha) I had a think about what sort of images look best in black and white. For me, I like to use black and white a lot when I have very contrasty light and shapes. I thought that an urban film in bright, hard sunlight would be a cool thing to make, but I had no plans to go into the city before the end of the month. I am also trying to come up with simpler ideas for my monthly films - ideas that can be filmed over the course of an hour or a couple of hours capturing a single event. This kind of shooting is more sustainable for me over the course of a year than trying to do long-term compilation films each month. Simplify, simplify. 

And then an idea hit me. So simple. Could be filmed in a short amount of time (as long as that April rain held off!) and it is one of my kids' favorite activities.

To see my inspiration for this month's film in black and white, watch below :)