Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, New York Family Photography

This week was a mix of the regular routines and the not-so-regular. It was rainy and the weather has all of a sudden turned cold again. Spring is such a tease!

Kids hanging around at home. The rain makes everyone sleepy.

Couch play.

There has been a lot of coloring, drawing and creating happening lately.

Watering the sage in the backyard. We're waiting a few weeks before we plant any vegetables. The sage is the only plant that seems to thrive through the winter.

This kid.

Helping Dad.

Sand play.

Logan loves drawing too. Lots of circles usually. "CIRCLE!"

Chalk drawing in the front.

Inevitably there is crying and yelling at some point.

An afternoon at the community center.

Watering the flowers on the porch, which are already dying.

Playing with bubbles.

Watching the rain fall.

Brushing teeth.

I had to work in the city at "Kinky Boots" all weekend. Some shots from midtown:

And one final teethbrushing photo... these kids love to brush their teeth :)

And that was our week! Have a great Monday everyone!