Friday Round-up

Happy Friday everyone! Excited to head into the weekend? I am winding down a week of work at "Kinky Boots" and looking forward to hanging with the kids on Sunday. I miss those little stinkers!

A few reads for your Friday:

The Nik Collection is now free, and so is this bundle of tutorial videos.

This inexpensive idea for a camera stabilizer is pretty genius.

Advanced concepts in street photography - another free e-book from Eric Kim.

This story is insane. I need to watch the documentary ASAP.

Are photographers too grumpy? Haha :)

Early photos of the Rolling Stones.

Love these photos taken with the Sony RX1Rii.

Lomography reviving the first lens from 1829.

Solving your autofocus problems.

Considering downsizing my wallet after reading this.

New York just passed a paid family leave policy!

Why theater majors are vital to the digital age.

Portraits taken after one, two and three glasses of wine.

* * *

Have a great weekend!