Friday Round-up

Happy weekend, everyone! Anyone have fun plans? I'm hoping it doesn't rain all weekend so we can get out of the house and do something outside... the trees are all in bloom here and its been so pretty the past couple of days.

But first a few reads for your Friday.

Looking forward to listening to this podcast episode about simple living in NYC.

These slow cooker Korean tacos have me intrigued. They are on the menu for next week.

This "healthy" chocolate chip banana bread looks delish.

Intrigued by this editing software that claims to be four times faster than Lightroom.

Chocolate milk iced mochas? Yes please.

I love these photos taken on the streets of Oslo.

Another podcast episode to listen to! The Second Shooter Society for aspiring wedding photographers sounds like a great idea!

Awesome photos taken on the streets of NYC.

Instagram has a new look.

The 80 best directed films according to the DGA. Time to get my Netflix on.

Here you go, ladies: How to Be A Boss.

Interesting article about Prince and chronic pain.

Love these photos of single mothers in Iceland.

* * *

Have a great weekend!

Exactly one year ago! Sniff!