Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island Family Photographer

As a Long Island family photographer, I get lots of practice every week on my own family! In fact, its photographing my own kids in a candid, real way, that made me want to do this for other families as well. I love that I have a true depiction of my kids' childhood - tantrums, boredom, messes and all! These weekly posts are a great scrapbook of our family life.

This week was full of all the mundane activities of regular life here on Long Island. Trips to Target, running from rain drops and movie watching on the couch. The spring showers finally seem to be making way for some pockets of sunshine.

Watching raindrops fall outside.

Couch diving


More boredom! Now with chocolate chip muffin!

Rain, rain go away.

Watching the iPad on Lila's bed.

The kids were not impressed with the trip to Target this week. Its one of my favorite places to get photographs of them. I'm sure they will remember these trips vividly as adults - Lila camped out in the back, Logan up front = always begging for snacks!

Not impressed with Target.

I've been slowly going through everything we have squirreled away in corners of our house - doing a big spring cleaning. All the baby stuff is going - definitely bittersweet, but also a relief to get back some space. Baby gear - swings and chairs and jumpers and all - it takes up so much room!

I found this old ride on motorcycle that belonged to Lila. Logan loves it! He's been scooting around the basement on it.

Does anyone else's kid bite their toenails? Ew.

Lila has a dentist appointment coming up in a couple of weeks. I know they are going to have the "it's time for her to stop sucking her thumb" talk with us... I'm dreading it. Its so endearing to me. Last vestiges of her babyhood...

Nana and Pops have been away on a cruise this week, so on Saturday we went over to their house to hang out with Riley (the dog) for a little while.

Hiding in the bushes for shade.

Logan did some drawing while he was there.

Supervising Riley's water dish

Yesterday we braved rain clouds and blustery winds and headed over to Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay for a picnic and a run-around the grounds. I picked up our Empire Pass for the season, which allows us free parking at all the state parks. As soon as the weather warms up a bit, Jones Beach, here we come!

Planting Fields is gorgeous this time of year - everything is in bloom.

As we left the gardens, we saw a bride getting her photograph taken. Lila screamed "Mom, look! There's the Queen!!". Hahahaha :) From the mouths of babes.

And that was our week! Today I am working in Lila's classroom and later this week, chaperoning a field trip to the science museum. Should be fun! Have a great Monday, everyone :)

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