Friday Round-up (& Some Tips For Keeping Track of Links!) | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

Here we are, another Friday, another week gone by! 

I love that so many of you look forward to this round-up of my favorite links from around the web each week. I've been asked a number of times, "where do you find the time to read blogs??". Well, as a busy mom and photographer, I really don't! I will share a few of my time-saving shortcuts with you, though. 

Subscribe! I have an account with Feedly, a feed reader. I subscribe to all my favorite sites there, and then scroll through my feed every morning. You can pick a few different layouts in which to view your feed, but I love "magazine" or "card view", because for each blog post, I see a thumbnail image, the title of the post, and the first few lines of text. From just this little bit of information, I can usually tell if I'll be interested in the post. I can scroll though 60 posts in about 5-10 minutes this way, skipping everything I am not interested in. I also have the app on my phone so I can scroll through if I have a few minutes when I'm out and about.

If I read a post, like it, and want to save it (or if I don't have time to read it that moment, but know I want to save the link), I click a button in Feedly to save to Pocket, another great app. I can save not only items from Feedly to Pocket, but anything I happen to be looking at on the web. I have a button in my browser on both my phone and desktop to save to Pocket. You can save items in Feedly as well, but being able to search through your saved items is a feature you have to pay for in Feedly, so I prefer to save to Pocket, where I can search through my links free of charge. Another great feature of Pocket, is that you can download all the information in your unread links (to the app on your phone for instance) and then read them when you are off-line or away from a cell signal (this used to be great for me during long underground subway rides!).

Did you know that you can also save links on Facebook? Often when I'm scrolling through my news feed there, I'll see links that catch my eye, but I don't have time to read them that second, or maybe I do have time, but I want to save the link to share with you. Just click the little arrow in the upper right hand corner of each news item block and an option will come up to  "save post", "save video", " save link" - depending on what the item happens to be that you want to save. Then in the column over on the left hand side of your Facebook page, you will see the word "Saved". Click on that and all your saved news items are there!

So each week when I sit down to write up this post for you, all I need to do is look through my saved links in Pocket and also on Facebook, and make a list for you! Easy peasy!

So... here they are! My favorite links this week:

Are you at work-at-home mom, too? These are some great tips for staying on track and getting things done.

In the NYC area and looking for things to do this summer? Governor's Island is definitely on my list - check out that 57 foot long slide!!

If you are a videographer like me, check out this insanely good deal on software and instructional videos - and all for a good cause!

6 tips for getting started in family photojournalism from photographer Kirsten Lewis.

I feel like I link to the TWIP Family podcast every week, so you should probably just subscribe to it :) I am excited to listen to this episode - Kevin Mullins' documentary-style wedding photography blows me away!

Instagram analytics...on the way!

Another activity on the agenda for the near future - strawberry picking. Here are a list of farms and festivals in the NYC area.

The Top Shot this week at National Geographic's Your Shot is pretty spectacular.

Can't think of anything to do with the kids? This is a great list of family fun ideas.

6 tips for taking good iPhone photos

I pre-ordered this book - an authentic look at family photography. It looks amazing.

A really moving slideshow of photos taken over the course of the year by 70 photojournalism students.

This is long, but I am such a fan of the cinematography in the movie "Her" - it was one of the catalysts to make want to learn filmmaking. Also - vintage lenses! I should have guessed.

This single frame project is such a great idea. I don't think I could ever do it on my DSLR because I like to take photos too much, but I may attempt a mobile version.

What the heck is depth of field anyway?

World's Easiest Grilled Vegetables. I am so excited that its finally grilling season!

I love these crazy, funny, bright beach photos!

Another podcast episode on my "to listen to" list: Brene Brown on "Being Boss".

I love this life-changing story from Elizabeth Gilbert.

Two new rules of composition.

I love this little mini documentary, all shot and edited on an iPhone 6! So impressive!

* * *