Snapshots of Our Week | Garden City Family Photographer

It was a busy week 'round this parts! As the school year winds down, the participation at Lila's school is ramping up. Lots of field trips and celebrations, orientation for Logan (who is starting playgroup next year!) and my final classroom participation day of the school year. Lots of opportunity for some fun photographs of truly candid moments! Springtime has hit Garden City finally, and the days have been beautiful and sunny (with a rain shower here and there - but we'll take it!), and everything is in bloom. Definitely a gorgeous time a year in our neck of the woods, and we are savoring it! The heat and humidity of summer will be here before we know it.

Monday was my last participation day in Lila's classroom for the year. I helped her teacher photograph the kids for a fun end-of-the-year project. It was tough getting them all to cooperate, and I was reminded why I like to take a documentary approach in my own photography. Kids hate sitting still!

It was fun hanging out with the kids that day, and I marveled over how much they have grown since they started out in the three-year-old class last year. It will be so sad to say goodbye to everyone in June! Most of the kids are heading off to kindergarten in the fall. Lila and a few of her fellow young classmates will be taking advantage of another year of pre-K.

The kids on the playground bang on the window while a few inside help with the photography project.

Lila and her friends work with Play Doh.

Lila and her best friend. They will miss each other next year when they are at different schools.

Making funny faces :)

Snack time.

Lila helping to enact "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".

Meanwhile, back at home, this little guy was having some one-on-one time with Nana. He is so looking forward to starting school in the fall. He'll be in playgroup two days a week. There are going to be NO separation issues with this one! He'll be running off without looking back at me twice!

We've been trying to spend evenings outside before bed. I noticed a rogue patch of bluebells growing up under our rose bush the other night.

We are still obsessed with bubbles around here. Never gets old.

On Thursday afternoon I went with Lila and her class on a field trip to the Science Museum of Long IslandIt was such a pretty location overlooking the Sound and the kids had a great time meeting an assortment of small animals. Lila liked the bunny named Penelope best, and also the chinchilla. She did NOT like the snake!

Lila and Penelope.

Lila and her friends meet the giant tortoise, Rudy!

The class takes a photo afterward.

The calm lasted about one minute before this happened!

Waiting for snack.

The beautiful location.

Once again, this little monkey was stuck at home while we were off having fun. Did I mention how much he is going to love playgroup next year??

Eating Lila's leftover lunch on the hill at the nursery school one afternoon.

Dinner in front of the TV. I've given up.

Logan shows off his dance moves in the backyard after dinner. I think this kid might be headed for Broadway!

That jazz hand!

The light is just so pretty this time of year.

On Saturday we went to the playground for a while and then out to lunch. We met a little boy who knew all about bugs. I couldn't believe the facts coming out of his five-year-old mouth. Truly amazing.

Yesterday I took Lila to a birthday party at Bounce U in the morning. No photos because she made me go on everything with her! Oh my goodness, my back is not cut out for bounce houses and giant slides anymore!

Last night we got back to the playground for a little bit before bed.

On our way home from the playground, a woman pushing an inline double stroller stopped me to ask me about our BOB stroller. I've written about this before, but we LOVE our BOB! We have a single stroller (a City Mini) and an inline (a Joovy sit and stand), but nothing compares to the BOB. It's a monster, but it moves so easily. We use the inline Joovy for indoor places like the mall, where I know the BOB won't fit down aisles, but for outdoors, the BOB is King. It goes over bumps and up and down curbs and over rough terrain so smoothly. I can push and steer it with one hand (I need two hands to maneuver the Joovy). If you are in the market for a double stroller that you will mostly use for outdoor activities, do not be intimidated by the size of the BOB - just get it! We have this model and we bought it at REI.

And that was the story of our week! We are looking forward to heading upstate on Friday for a Memorial weekend in the woods. 

Happy Monday everyone!