Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends! We are off to woods for a few days - the kids are so excited! Hoping for some fun and relaxation...not sure if relaxation is possible with a 2 and 4 year old in tow, but we are sure going to try!

Before I headed out though, I wanted to share with you my favorite reads from around the interwebs this week - so much good stuff!

The Nikon D5 is here and it sounds pretty darn spectacular.

Starting to think about your beach reading this summer? Here are 13 books everyone will be talking about.

Some tips on how to get your kids to eat their veggies. Its time for me to try the smoothie route again!

Loving these photos taken in the South Bronx in the late 70's.

One pan crack burritos. Well, I think the name says it all. I must try them.

Best books for early readers. I just pulled out a bunch of our baby books for Lila - she has started sounding out and reading the words from some of her old favorites. Maisy is still big around here!

5 ways to improve your creativity in street photography (Bonus: the photos in this post are excellent).

Speaking of street photography, this four minute video contains 23 really helpful "ninja tips" for street photography (and again, is chock full of great photographs).

Pretty psyched for this new cookbook.

22 things every woman needs in her life. Yes, yes and more YES!

Hey, this new tool coming to Photoshop is pretty nifty! Will make formatting canvases much easier!

What do you think about this photoshopping scandal surrounding Steve McCurry's work? This is an interesting post about "what is truth?" in photography.

Some cheaper alternatives for finding music to license.

I love a good vintage NYC photo or two.

Its going to be 90 degrees this weekend - here are 20 water playgrounds in NYC - go, cool down!

The meaning behind the moves in Hamilton. I have to see this!

What do you do with your valuables when you are at the beach? I liked reading about everyone's tricks and hiding places!

So excited for this Diane Arbus exhibit!!

Visual journeys by six photographers. Incredible photography. Especially the first piece. Wow. 

This is pretty cool: you can see what year your building was built (in NYC).

* * *

Have a fantastic weekend!

Lila in the front yard. One of my first experiments with a prism...