Snapshots of Our Week | Nassau County Family Photographer

We are currently upstate in Copake for a couple of days of R&R - its been ages since we have been up here and the time away has been nice. Its been a hot weekend, but we have been finding creative ways to stay cool! As a photographer, I love coming up here because its a change of scenery from all the usual places I take my kids to in Nassau County! I have the opportunity to take family photographs in the woods, down by the pond, at the swimming hole... a nice change of pace!

Leading up to the weekend, We had a fairly ordinary week - with the exception of Logan's orientation for Playgroup (which starts in the fall). It was nice to take him to the school he is so used to (same as Lila's... in fact - even same classroom!) and for him to have a special school day of his own!

Logan playing under a tree at nursery school.

Playing in the sandbox.

In the play house with a new friend.

On the boat in the playground.

Coloring at nursery school.

Logan playing with blocks.

He was so proud of his lego tower!

All in all the orientation was a success. Logan is so used to hanging out at the school and having free reign of the playground that he was slightly resistant to rules like lining up before snack, sitting for snack, washing hands, cleaning up (read: he had a massive tantrum and hid in Lila's cubby for part of the session!). BUT! He did come around, had fun coloring and playing with blocks and legos, really enjoyed story and music - and even gave a big smooch to one of the other kids - haha :) I'm looking forward to him going in the fall - he needs to be around other kids and have an activity of his own so badly!

The rest of the week was pretty run of the mill. Lots of backyard time and just hanging out at home.

Some discussion in a Facebook group about self-portraits in a Facebook group inspired me to take one one evening. It had been a while!

I had been intrigued by some dreamy images I had seen online that were taken using a prism, so I bought one and have been playing around with it this week. I love the reflections and light flare you can get with it. (And the video footage I've taken using it has been pretty darn cool too!). Here are a few images taken with the prism:

Lila coloring.

Logan waking from nap.

Lila, watching TV.

Having a rest.

Lila playing with bubbles.

We drove upstate on Friday and had restful afternoon at the house.

Logan and a dandelion

Collecting rocks.

Logan and Pops throwing rocks in the pond.


Logan playing in a bucket of pond water.

Logan is clearly not afraid of frogs!

Feeling the heat down by the pond - almost 90 degrees!

After getting sweaty and muddy down by the pond, the kids came back the house and had a bath to cool down. Time for some indoor fun.

Lila playing chess.

Lila snuggles on the couch.

Cooling down on the porch.

Logan in pajamas.

Logan looking out the billiard room window.

Saturday was even hotter! We started out at the house, a slow morning of movies and coloring.

Lila coloring.

Logan watching a show on the LeapPad.

At lunch time we headed out to the swimming hole for a picnic and some water time. Logan was a bit slow to get in the water (but did eventually), but Lila had a great time splashing around, "swimming" (the water is only about a foot deep).

Lila at the swimming hole.

Lila and Nana "swimming".

Then back to the house for the afternoon...

Logan going through the dog door to the porch.

Sunday we spent the day at the house, cooling down in the afternoon with the sprinkler. 

Lila, Logan & Nana at the pond.

Lila playing in the sprinkler.

More sprinkler play.

Muddy puddles!

Logan played with water in a cooler.

Logan eating an ice cream.

And that was our week! We are up in Copake for one more day before we head back to Long Island. A busy week ahead with another field trip for Lila!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

* * *

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