A Year of Moving Pictures: May | Long Island Family Films

I had so much fun this month putting together a film of my family filled with green grass, flowers and sunshine (and some rain too!)... spring has finally arrived on Long Island! (And as we saw this past weekend with the sweltering 90 degree weather, summer is not far behind!). This month's video is a compilation of adventures from our May: outings at the local playgrounds, time spent in our backyard, some footage from upstate in Copake, and an afternoon at Planting Fields in Oyster Bay.

I love making movies that have a dream-like quality to them, as though you are re-living a memory... this month I incorporated slow motion and some footage shot through a prism to enhance that dreamy feel. I also love how music plays such a huge part in putting a film together. Once I've found a song that I think will match the footage I have, the film pretty much edits itself along with the swells of the music. I just love putting these little films together - the editing process is so magical for me.

I hope you enjoy "Sweet Spring". 

If you are interested in a film like this documenting your family, please take a look at my Story in Motion sessions!