Friday Round-up

Friday, we meet again. Its a rainy one here so we are having a lazy, cozy morning before setting out for school. So join me - grab a coffee and sit down for some fun reads!

30 years of photos on the streets of New York.

The use of light and shadow in these street scenes is really cool.

A super interesting video of the NY Times photo editors curating their "Week in Photos".

Are Instagram business pages soon on the way?

Some tips for combining flash and ambient light.

And again mamas, I say get in the frame!

The inequality of photojournalism.

So sad, but such good filmmaking.

If you are so inclined, I am over at TWIP Family this week talking about projects and video!

Also, please check out my feature on Beauty Revived about the amazing Sarah Bennison for their 50 Most Beautiful Mothers issue.

* * *

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!