Snapshots of our Week | Long Island, New York Family Photography

I didn't take a whole lot of photos this week...probably because it rained EVERY DAY. Seriously, I thought all the showers were supposed to be confined to April?? We mostly were stuck in the house all week, but luckily yesterday ended up being really nice. And since we all happened to be home for once, we went shopping for vegetables to plant in our backyard vegetable garden, and then Lila and Eric planted everything. A nice end to the week and a lovely Mother's Day!

Rainy day couch shenanigans early in the week:

Post-dinner ice cream.

Lots of movie time this week.

Getting in the frame with my first baby.

They made a bed underneath the kitchen table one night. I have no idea why :)

I dug out an old Canon Powershot that I had packed away in a box for Lila to use. She LOVES it. She's been taking pictures constantly. 

Watching the rain.

This series of Lila and Logan makes me laugh. They fluctuate between loving each other and beating the crap out of each other.

Pretty girl hanging out. Her hair is getting so long and the warmer weather is making it curly.

A rare day with Dad home!

Reading a book. He's getting more interested in "Stories! Stories!" lately.

Shopping for plants and veggies for our garden!

Planting veggies with Dad.

He won't sit in the high chair anymore. My big boy.

Helping Dad.

Rock collecting. 

A walk around the block with my boy.

FYI for the photographers out there, almost all the photos in this post were taken with a Lensbaby Velvet, which I am loving! (most shot at f/4). The only photos not shot with the Velvet are the first two on the couch, the self-portrait, and the one of the kids under the kitchen table. I'm excited to try this lens out with some video!

That was our week! Hope you all had a great Monday!